The Dancing Lady

The Dancing Lady

30″ x 48″, 2016

Mixed Media

A woman, hemmed in by the borders of society and social constraints, lingers in a 1930’s speakeasy. She is a temptress, seductive and disorienting. She kicks up her red stiletto; she peers over her shoulder. Her womanly figure is exaggerated, almost magnified, representing a strong sense of sexuality. There is a divide within her and without, for the world wants to take her power. The world wants to hold her back. The world disapproves of her.

The dance is an act of self-respect—and of defiance. It is a dance of opposing forces: calm and passionate, attractive and intimidating. The dance floor soothes. Yellow belongs to her, and it is comfortable, soft, and warm. Red is the temptation of the onlooker, who cannot help but be captivated by the strength of her, a strength mirrored by the painting’s wave-like geometric shapes. Clean lines form bold curves and simple angles. Black corners create a void for the viewer’s imagination. Splashes of purple denote inklings of royalty, an inherent elegance and inborn power.

Has the experience of women changed from then until now?

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